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The healing power of beauty and Nature is a proud mother. She provides us with everything we need. Therefore, we must learn with the utmost respect how to safely use her gifts to care for ourselves and for others. When we’re unwell we use nature to heal. In return, we must care about the health of mother nature as well.

Becoming more mindful of beauty is good for your health. Poets have celebrated beauty for centuries, and today’s positive psychologists have found that appreciating beauty leads to greater joy, health, well-being, and meaning in life. Being mindful means to slow down, focus on the beauty of this one precious moment that will not come again—the rosebud slowly opening, its inner petals a rich, velvety crimson, and the blue-green boughs of the redwood tree in my front yard.

Marijuana has the power to slow time and let us submerge into mindfulness. Becoming aware of the present moment, we can name our thoughts and feelings as we watch them float through our consciousness, becoming more centered, more peaceful, and resourceful, better able to create solutions to life’s problems and enjoy its opportunities.

Our packaging card stocks are made from hemp, straw, and recycled cotton fiber, extends the CBD story from product to package, while simultaneously presenting a planet-friendly solution.

Our suppliers are the most respected names in the industry (Colorplan, Conqueror, Crane’s, Europapier, Fabiano, Fedrigoni, GF Smith, Gmund, Legion, Mohawk, Savoy) and we collaborate with tested and trusted partners all over the world to deliver packaging of the highest environmentally consciousness.

We collaborate with conscious partners. In all our crafts, we do in adheres to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) guidelines, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) strict environmental and social requirements, and, above all, part of a broader Fedrigoni Group ESG policy and strategy.